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Factors That Affect a Child’s Growth and Development

Children don’t grow and develop the same way. In fact, how a child grows and develops will heavily depend on certain factors, which are divided into internal and external. Internal factors are factors that we have no control over, namely heredity and sex. There is nothing we can do about these factors, no matter if … Continue reading

What to Keep an Eye on for Three-Month Old Infants

When caring for an infant, you have to be meticulous. In fact, you need to keep a record of their growth, especially certain developmental milestones. Even day care center teachers will help record children’s milestones for the sake of ensuring that they are growing well. As part of proper child care in Vineland, New Jersey, … Continue reading

Healthy Eating Tips for Children

Proper child care in Vineland, New Jersey takes more than just caring for a child’s physical needs. It also takes into account a child’s nutritional requirements. If you are caring for a child, here are some appropriate healthy eating tips to adopt for them: Eat Breakfast To start a child’s day, always make sure that … Continue reading

How to Make a Child Fall in Love with Reading

Reading can improve one’s literacy. Moreover, important knowledge can be obtained through reading as well. As part of child care in Vineland, New Jersey, you should do your best to help your child develop the habit of reading while they are still young. Here are some basic tips you can do to make your child … Continue reading

Be a Good Role Model to Your Child

You may notice your child watching you as you are folding a pile of laundry. Then, later on, they try to fold other clothes clumsily with their little hands. Another instance is when you hug or kiss your partner – and your child does the same to you both. Yes, children tend to copy how … Continue reading

Every Child Deserves a Loving Home

As a parent, you need to create a positive home for your child. Your child deserves to feel safe and loved. When you establish a positive environment for them, it can affect their quality of life and growth. It also impacts how they treat you and other people in school or day care center. Many … Continue reading