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What to Keep an Eye on for Three-Month Old Infants

What to Keep an Eye on for Three-Month Old Infants

When caring for an infant, you have to be meticulous. In fact, you need to keep a record of their growth, especially certain developmental milestones. Even day care center teachers will help record children’s milestones for the sake of ensuring that they are growing well.

As part of proper child care in Vineland, New Jersey, here are some of the milestones to take note of:

  • Movement milestones
    Opening and shutting hands, supporting upper body with the arms or raising the head while lying on the stomach, and bringing hand to the mouth
  • Visual and hearing milestones
    Starting to babble and imitate sounds, turning the head towards the direction of a sound, recognizing people and familiar objects at a distance
  • Social/Emotional milestones
    Enjoying playing people, becoming more expressive and communicative, imitating facial expressions/movements

Developmental Warning Signs

If an infant fails to reach certain milestones that they should’ve reached at three-months-old, then that may be a sign of developmental or medical problems. Some of the warning signs to pay attention to at three-months-old include:

  • Not responding to loud sounds
  • Not smiling at people
  • Not being able to support the head well
  • Not being able to grasp objects
  • Not following moving objects with the eyes

There are still many other warning signs that a parent should be aware of. If you want to know more or if you notice these signs, don’t be afraid to talk to your pediatrician about it.

DiBiase Baby Steps are excited to be a part of your child’s milestones! Book an appointment with us so we can discuss your child’s early childhood education in New Jersey.

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