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Be a Good Role Model to Your Child

Be a Good Role Model to Your Child

You may notice your child watching you as you are folding a pile of laundry. Then, later on, they try to fold other clothes clumsily with their little hands. Another instance is when you hug or kiss your partner – and your child does the same to you both.

Yes, children tend to copy how their parents are behaving. Since they are usually perceptive, they can pick up almost everything that their parents are saying and doing! Because they also look up to their parents, they may see no wrong in how their parents behave. As a result, they may apply the same behavior at home and in their day care center.

As a parent, you must keep in mind that your child may emulate how you talk and treat others. In situations when you get into an argument with your partner or neighbor, you must learn to control your temper and not raise your voice.

Shouting and cursing can not only incite fear in your child. They may also grow up thinking that it’s the way to do things when handling a disagreement. You must always choose your words carefully.

As a parent, you must be conscious of what you are doing and how you are behaving. Always ensure that you demonstrate a positive behavior that shows respect, kindness, and discipline. That way, your child will learn good manners and right conduct not just at home but also in their school for early childhood education in New Jersey.

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