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Group of children with the book. Friends, male.The purpose of DIBIASE BABY STEPS is to provide a safe, warm, caring, and consistent atmosphere in which children’s physical, emotional, and academic needs are met. It is in this type of setting that we hope to instill in our students, attitudes, values, skills and a knowledge base that will enable them to lead happy and productive lives.

We believe that basic needs, love, and the sense of belonging must first be met before we can begin to instill in children good attitudes about self, others, and learning which are crucial in intellectual and normal development. As a community based center we stress the importance of cooperation and consideration for others. We teach these values first and foremost through example. Since we expect our children to be kind to others, we must be kind to them. Such values are also taught through encouragement and positive discipline, or “problem solving” where necessary. Other ways we teach values are through numerous daily activities which allow for and encourage children to take responsibility for their own actions. Furthermore, we provide opportunities for them to experience cooperative learning in a stimulating environment which is designed to enhance their self-esteem.

Of greatest value to us after meeting their basic needs is to instill within each child feelings of self-worth, confidence, and self-esteem. It is our belief that if children are successfully able to adjust to an environment, and reach their potential academically, socially, etc.., then they must feel good about themselves. We help each child to achieve high self-esteem by pointing out their successes, no matter how small, and for acknowledging their efforts to display appropriate behaviors. As children develop positive attitudes about themselves and life, we continue to try to spark a burning curiosity and love of learning through the development of lessons that encourage open-ended thinking, attainable challenges, and the manipulation of exciting materials. We hope to enable our children to be active participants in the learning process. As Piaget claimed, “CHILDREN LEARN BEST BY DOING.”

We believe that good attitudes and habits are of utmost importance while striving to success. Consequently, we stress habits of organization, self-discipline, and courtesy. We also believe that children develop at their own paces and should not be compared to others. In the learning process we introduce concepts and skills that are relevant and meaningful for the developmental stage of each child. To us, concepts and skills are more important than isolated bits of knowledge. We concentrate on helping our children build their own ideas of the world by creating an atmosphere which is conducive to learning and exploring. Furthermore, we concentrate on language development, music and movement, creative and free play, and arts and crafts.

We are committed to serving a variety of children, from diverse cultural, religious and economic backgrounds. We believe that every child should be able to experience success and develop his/her particular talents at his/her own pace.

When a child leaves BABY STEPS at the age of three, that child will have a positive attitude about him/herself, a positive attitude towards others, and the knowledge and socialization skills needed to function effectively and successfully in any kindergarten program.