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Tips for Taking Care of a Sick Child

Parenting is no walk in the park. Making sure your child stays healthy is definitely an arduous job and a difficult challenge for all mommies and daddies. DiBiase Baby Steps is aware of the stress and fear that goes on in a parent’s mind and heart when their little one gets sick. Here are a … Continue reading

Ways to Keep Your Child Healthy

At DiBiase Baby Steps, we understand that being the parent or guardian of a child isn’t an easy job. Being responsible for a living creature and making sure they grow into a functioning, healthy adult is scary, but you can do it. As a provider of child care in Vineland, New Jersey, we know that … Continue reading

Positive Parenting Tips for Infants

Infants give us countless moments of pure joy, from their very first step to the first time they call us “mom” and “dad”, to the first smile they direct our way. The things children can do at a specific age are called developmental milestones, and as parents, we live to experience these beautiful moments with … Continue reading

Tips: How to Calm a Crying Toddler

Crying is the children’s expression of a message they can’t say in words. It’s a good thing that parents are wired to hear exactly the message conveyed in their toddler’s cries. As an advocate of quality child care in Vineland, New Jersey, we know that responding to these cries can be effective in calming a … Continue reading

What Can You Do to Make a Toddler Sleep Better?

Exploration seems to be a toddler’s hobby. If you’ve ever had a toddler before or you’re presently having one, you know how this looks like every day. As a day care center in New Jersey, we are always enthused to explore with our toddlers inside our facility. We allow them this opportunity because this is … Continue reading

How Much Should My Toddler Eat?

At around two years old, your toddler is slowly growing into a kind of child who adapts to your regular meals. This is a great opportunity to introduce them to healthier options, which also means that we should opt for healthier foods as well. The healthier your toddler is, the better their growth and learning … Continue reading