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How to Make a Child Fall in Love with Reading

How to Make a Child Fall in Love with Reading

Reading can improve one’s literacy. Moreover, important knowledge can be obtained through reading as well. As part of child care in Vineland, New Jersey, you should do your best to help your child develop the habit of reading while they are still young. Here are some basic tips you can do to make your child love reading:

  • Make books accessible.
    Regardless of whether the child is at home or at a day care center, books should be easily accessible to them. These books should be age-appropriate and are shelved at a level that is easy for them to reach. Colorful books are more appealing to the little ones.
  • Put labels on some things around the child.
    By putting labels on everything, your child will get used to seeing letters and prints around them. You can sew your child’s name on their blanket or attach tags on their favorite stuffed toys.
  • Be a role model.
    During the child’s early childhood education in New Jersey, you should become their role model. After all, the child will most likely copy whatever you do while they are still in the developmental stage. Let your child see you reading magazines, newspapers, or books. They will imitate you and start reading their books, too.
  • Read bedtime stories.
    Telling your child bedtime stories is not only a way for you to bond with them. It is also a good way for you to appeal to your child that books are interesting.

DiBiase Baby Steps believe that reading is an important hobby and learning activity that children should learn to love. Let us work together to instill the love for books while they are still young.

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