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Factors That Affect a Child’s Growth and Development

 Factors That Affect a Child's Growth and Development

Children don’t grow and develop the same way. In fact, how a child grows and develops will heavily depend on certain factors, which are divided into internal and external. Internal factors are factors that we have no control over, namely heredity and sex. There is nothing we can do about these factors, no matter if we provide high-quality early childhood education in New Jersey.

It is the external factor that we should focus on. External factors are those that we can influence. Here are the top external factors to pay attention to:

  • Learning and Reinforcement
    Learning does not only mean improving a child’s intellectual capacity. It also means building up a child’s emotional, social, and mental functions. We can influence this by enrolling the child in a day care center that focuses on helping children grow and develop effectively.
  • Familial Influences
    Family members can help a child develop socially and psychologically. For a child to become a healthy, functional member of society, they need to receive love and care.
  • Nutrition
    What the child eats can contribute to their growth and development. Proper nutrition is critical because it helps the child’s body to become physically healthy.
  • Exercise
    Proper exercise can help the child gain muscular strength as well as bone mass. Parents should help their little ones to exercise to facilitate them in reaching their growth and development milestones on schedule.

DiBiase Baby Steps wants every child to grow up healthily. If your child is in need of child care in Vineland, New Jersey, call us! We’ll be your partner in ensuring your child’s proper growth and development.

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