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Toddler Programs: Being Smart and Responsible


From birth to 4 years old, this stage of a child’s brain is the best time to plant the great seeds of knowledge that will prepare them for a great future. This wonderful stage is the peak where children learn new knowledge the fastest and it would be advantageous to make great use of this time to teach them life-long values that will make them better individuals and even admirable parents themselves.

We understand the changing trends of families and how busy their days can get. That is why we have made our child care in Vineland, New Jersey more flexible to work around your days to make it easier for you to care for your family and your work responsibilities. We have also developed responsible and smart toddler programs that will help your children learn valuable lessons that will make them love themselves more, their environment, and wherever they may prosper in life.

Body Care and Proper Hygiene

We teach the importance of self-care so they can learn to appreciate the one body they have, the one that they will use for the rest of their lives. With the application of daily life responsibilities like hand washing, toilet use, and healthy eating, we help them conquer their developmental stages with ease, while also exposing them to fun and dynamic activities that will develop fine and gross motor skills. This in combination with activities that further promote cognitive development. These activities have been designed to make toddler learning practical and natural to foster life skills that seem unimportant but are vital to the changing human behaviors that a good society needs.

Putting Emphasis on Routines

Children grow better in a safe and clean environment where they can run to people whom they know and trust. They even strive better when they have predictability in the things they do, or have established a routine as they grow up. This lets them feel secure and confident that they know what to do because they have an idea of what is going to happen next. This also exercises their awareness toward events that happen around them and also teaches them the basic importance of time.

The programs for our early childhood education in New Jersey is a blend of skills development and life-long values that will help shape each and every child to become individuals who can easily adapt to the things that happen around so they can always get up and find a way to stay on top of challenges in life.

Help your child get ready for life with our toddler programs at DiBiase Baby Steps.

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