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Babies Who Get Better Sleep, Get Better Days


Getting your children to sleep with the needed amount of hours benefits their minds and bodies since this needed rest significantly helps with their mental and physical development. Disturbances in their sleep can greatly affect their mood during the day and sleep-deprived children could develop behavioural conditions that may affect their growth and progress.

At a child care in Vineland, New Jersey, we can help your child have a healthier mind and body since we advocate good sleep necessary for children’s development and performance by infusing nap time into our care programs for infants and toddlers.

For Brain Development

Continuous sleep allows a child’s brain to develop properly during deep sleep or the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) phase. This is when the brain is most active; when dreams take place, and when better-performing brain cells are created.

Healthy Immune System

Having enough sleep gives room to cell repair and production, therefore giving babies and children healthier immune systems that promote growth and good digestion for better absorption of vitamins and nutrients.

Energy for the Day

With enough sleep from the night before, they get to have a lot of energy to power them up through the day. However, since babies, toddlers, and preschoolers are recommended to take naps during the day, our daycare center promotes naptimes so they get to build more energy for more fun times for the rest of the day.

Stable Emotions

Putting great importance on sleep helps children have stable emotions since they get less irritable during the day when their bodies get a good night’s sleep that is comfortable and uninterrupted.

For Better Focus and Attention

Little children who get the needed hours of sleep generally perform better and have the right focus and attention during their wake times. And since they have the energy to be up, they have more time for absorbing new knowledge and experiences.

Used up energy should be replenished with good sleep and proper nutrition for a healthier mind and body. Help your child get all the benefits of sleeping well so they can have fun days for learning and discovery.

At DiBiase Baby Steps, we promote better sleep for better childhood development. Contact us to know more benefits of sleeping for your developing child.

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