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Parenting Tips During Infant Years

Parenting Tips During Infant Years

Parenthood is always an exciting moment even when there are challenging incidences included. The overall experience of seeing our babies smiling for the first time, waving their chubby fingers, or cooing at another person can be truly fulfilling for any parent. These are similar experiences we take delight in as providers of child care in Vineland, New Jersey.

So whether it’s your first time to be a parent or you’ve been in this career for years, here are parenting tips that can aid you along the way.

  • Fill in your baby’s sounds or gestures. For instance, when they point at the ball, mention that it’s the ball they’re pointing at. This way, they can associate the words with the things they see around and start learning little by little.
  • Take time to interact with your baby. Talking to them nurtures their sense of familiarity to your voice, and therefore, the feeling of safety and calmness when you are around. Don’t be pressured by what topic to talk about. Even simply describing to them the happenings around you can be a great start.
  • Play music to your baby. The rhythm and words in songs can help them get entertained while at the same time allow them to be familiar with certain words. This can be a creative idea to get them started with learning new vocabulary.
  • Always spend some time to hold or cuddle your baby. In our day care center, we have found that being in warm and safe hands help calm the baby when they feel agitated. They can sense that they are held by familiar hands, and this can be a great comfort to them.
  • Be generous with your praises for your baby, especially when they are doing something nice. Praises can affirm their learning progress, and this also helps them realize that you are pleasing them. Babies are also encouraged when they see you smiling at them.
  • Be mindful of signs of weakness or fussiness. When babies are behaving this way, you can trust that they are not feeling well or comfortable. Hold them close so they can feel your comfort and care.
  • Provide good distractions at home whenever they start doing things that are unsafe or unhealthy for them. Avoid shouting or surprising them as this can affect their sense of patience. Simply distract them with safer items or transfer them to a safer area at home.

We hope that you find these tips helpful as you journey on towards more fulfilling times with your child’s overall development. At DiBiase Baby Steps, we’ll always be right here to partner with you in enhancing your child’s growth and development, even as we continue providing quality early childhood education in New Jersey.

If you need reliable assistance to care for your child when there are important appointments that you need to be in, you can always call on us. To learn further about our services, contact us.

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