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Safety Reminders When There Are Infants at Home

Safety Reminders When There Are Infants at Home

Safety is indeed a major element at home especially when we have babies. As soon as these precious angels arrive in our lives, we know that nothing is ever going to be the same again. Is this relatable? As a trusted provider of child care in Vineland, New Jersey, we’re one with you in recognizing the vital element of safety at home. This is the reason why our center is also maintaining and ensuring safety measures in place so that you can have the peace of mind when your child is left to our care.

With that, we would like to encourage you with additional reminders for safety in handling infants.

  • Avoid shaking your infant. Babies still have weak muscles on their neck. As it is, they are unable to hold their necks properly. Shaking them may result to head damages or even life-threatening consequences.
  • When someone is smoking at home, always remind them to smoke away from the baby. Even second-hand smoke can be hazardous for infants as it is risky for adults. However, your baby is more vulnerable as their immune system is still building up.
  • At around six months, babies can already start eating solid foods. Ensure that the foods you serve them are ones they can easily swallow. Cut them to little slices and ensure that these food items are soft enough for them to chew.
  • Avoid eating something hot when your baby is around or when you’re holding them. Infants can be fond of reaching out to you that they will not really think about what you’re holding in your hand. Keep them safe from even minor incidences of burning.
  • Ensure that your baby gets their timely vaccination. When your child is enrolled in a day care center, being immunized can protect them from vaccine-preventable diseases. Little ones can easily acquire these kinds of ailments especially when they are exposed to the infection. When they are immunized, however, they cannot acquire these ailments.
  • When putting your baby to sleep, ensure that they are lying on their back to prevent what is called sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Make sure that your child is supervised in their every activity so they will not accidentally lie on their back, especially when they are not yet able to roll around.
  • Keep your infant from playing with items that can possibly cover their faces. At their young age, they are still unable to correctly clear their face away from any covering and this might lead to unpleasant consequences such as suffocation.

As we continue to provide quality early childhood education in New Jersey at DiBiase Baby Steps, we partner with you in maintaining the overall safety and comfort of your child. Whenever they are with us, you can trust that their safety and comfort is maintained and well-placed.

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