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What Can You Do to Make a Toddler Sleep Better?

What Can You Do to Make a Toddler Sleep Better?

Exploration seems to be a toddler’s hobby. If you’ve ever had a toddler before or you’re presently having one, you know how this looks like every day. As a day care center in New Jersey, we are always enthused to explore with our toddlers inside our facility. We allow them this opportunity because this is part of their growth and development. The more they can explore, the better they can exercise their independence and the better their development.

On the other hand, however, being a little explorer can be too much when they get sleepy. While this is not the same for all children, some toddlers tend to become more active when they feel tired until they reach a certain point, at which they drop and sleep. Is this your experience? If so, wouldn’t it be better to have your child be coaxed to sleep when you know it’s already time? Fortunately, for us parents, maintaining a sleeping habit can be learned. Unless there are sleeping problems that are health-related, developing a sleeping routine can be started, and the sooner, the better.

Here are some helpful guidelines you can consider:

  • Practice Winding Down

    It may take time when you have a very active toddler. However, you can still implement the practice of winding down at least thirty minutes before it’s time for bed. Simply get the atmosphere at home to be calm and quiet. Turn off the TV. Dim their room. Settle on the bed. These simple activities orient them to the concept of transitioning to rest.

  • Establish a Routine

    In support to the previous guideline, create a daily bedtime routine they can go along with. A simple pattern might go like this: dinner, bath, change to pajamas, settle on bed, read books or pray, and finally, turn lights off. When your child is enrolled in our center providing child care in Vineland, New Jersey, following routines will be something they can get familiar with.

  • Impose a Sleep Time

    Even if your child is still unable to read the time, you can agree at home that at a certain time, say, at 7:30 pm, all children should be in bed. They may or may not sleep yet but as long as they are on the bed, you are tuning their body clock to comply on that schedule.

  • Make Their Bed Cozy

    Even adults enjoy sleeping on fresh, clean, and comfortable bed linens. It can be a similar experience for a toddler. Ensure that your child’s bed is very cozy for them so they will love lying under the covers and get enough sleep as a result.

At DiBiase Baby Steps, we don’t just promote quality early childhood education in New Jersey. We also develop healthy routines and practices that toddlers follow so their ideal growth and development are achieved. Our toddler program is even incorporated with nap times so that even when they are with us, your child still attains good sleep. To know more about our programs, contact us.

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