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Guard Your Child Against Hidden Dangers That Lurk Inside Our Homes


Children are notorious for picking up whatever they find. This is all because their minds are hungry for knowledge and discovery that they just want to try and get a feel of all the things around them. From birth to the first year, they can take pleasure in oral stimulation that is why you would often find them sticking things inside their mouths tasting, sucking and chewing on anything they get a hold of.

Our child care in Vineland, New Jersey reminds you to look out for these things at home to guard your child against what cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Mold and Mildew
Since infants like to chew on things, it would be best to check on toys and other household items that could come in contact to your child because inhalation or ingestion of mold or mildew can cause allergic reactions, vomiting, and other respiratory problems. If they get their hands on moldy food or surfaces that developed mildew, immediately call local medical authorities to assist you on what to do. Here are some guidelines on what mold and mildew thrive on:

  • Mold
    Need air, water, food, and temperatures between 41 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Mildew
    Lives in wet surfaces, powdery in form, grayish-white or even brown in color

Corners and Floors
Again, rotten food may find its way in surprising places around the house and small children in their oral stage will pick up just about anything they see interesting on the floor. So check corners and floors where there is a great possibility of food getting left on those surfaces. This is a prevention method that will stop your infant or toddler from putting moldy food into their mouths. As much as possible, also keep small pieces of plastics and other potential choking hazards out of children’s reach. This is something we practice dearly at our day care center.

Damp Shoes
Children can easily spill things and more often than not, they even spill on themselves. If liquids reach their footwear, make sure to wash them out according to washing and drying instructions since a wet footwear can lead to a number of feet problems like itching and rashes (tinea pedis). Since both mold and mildew are fungi, the moist environment can be susceptible to fungal development. Always check on your children’s footwear to see if it needs any washing or cleaning.

There are so many hidden dangers that lurk inside our homes, but your alertness in keeping the sanitation of your home is the best prevention method you can give your family.

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