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How to Manage the “Terrible Twos”

How to Manage the “Terrible Twos”

“No” is perhaps the most uttered word of your toddler. Know that this word is not an act of defiance towards you, but your child is learning independence and how to express frustration.

Here’s what to expect and how you can cope with the Terrible Twos from DiBiase Baby Steps, a provider of early childhood education in New Jersey:

  • Tantrums

    From mild whining to hysterical meltdowns. Aside from crying, your child might also get aggressive or run away. Usually, this happens when they experience something “big” and they get too overwhelmed with their feelings as they are still learning to self-regulate. Parents can help them by tuning in to them and helping them talk about their feelings.

  • Opposition

    It is natural for children to test their new-found skills and abilities so they tend to object to certain things or behavior that they used to be okay with like holding your hand while walking, helping them put on their clothes, or helping them climb up the slide at the day care center. As they develop, they may insist on doing things on their own, regardless if they are able to complete the task or not.

  • Mood Swings

    You may notice changes in your child’s moods in a span of a minute. Know that these are all byproducts of the frustration of exercising their autonomy.

This toddler phase isn’t just an awkward phase that has to be gotten over as soon as possible. Instead, linger on this phase and be amazed by the fullness of the intellectual and physical growth that your child is exhibiting during the toddlerhood stage.

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