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Don’t Underestimate the Nursery Rhymes!

Every parent knows that nursery rhymes can be abusive to the ears of adults, but they’re totally indispensable to early childhood education in New Jersey! Toddlers and preschoolers have very limited options when it comes to music, and nursery rhymes are designed exactly to be both pleasing to the child’s ears and also stimulating to … Continue reading

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The Dangers of Gadget Use for Toddlers

Nowadays, many parents have taken to letting their children, especially toddlers, just watch a movie on their phone or play a game to keep them behaved. While it certainly achieves that effect, relying on gadgets to pacify children can actually have several adverse effects on the kids. For instance, published medical literature have pointed out … Continue reading

What You Should Avoid Feeding Your Toddlers

Making sure that toddlers eat the right foods is not only important for their nutrition but also for their health. The toddler stage is very critical because this is the beginning of their graduation from soft foods to solid foods. Most parents make the mistake of feeding their toddlers the same kind of food that … Continue reading

Selecting Your Child’s First Musical Instrument

Excellent early childhood education in New Jersey assures parents of the quality of learning their child receives. DiBiase Baby Steps takes this further by providing a variety of programs to support the child’s overall development. We are more than your typical day care center. With education at our core, we let kids explore their curiosities … Continue reading

Parenting Tips: Consider Reading a Child Care Book

Have you considered reading a good book about nurturing an infant or a toddler? Whether you’re pregnant or currently caring for a baby, you can find indispensable tips by reading books dealing with healthy diets, safety measures, child games, behavioral changes, and general early childhood education in New Jersey. A book that is written by … Continue reading

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Raising Children Who are Close to Their Siblings

Do you have several children? How are their relationships with each other? As parents, you want your youngsters to develop close relationships both with their classmates in a day care center and their siblings. Good sibling relationships help youngsters develop their problem solving, communication, and negotiation skills. Siblings learn empathy by interacting with one another, … Continue reading