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The Dangers of Gadget Use for Toddlers

The Dangers of Gadget Use for Toddlers

Nowadays, many parents have taken to letting their children, especially toddlers, just watch a movie on their phone or play a game to keep them behaved. While it certainly achieves that effect, relying on gadgets to pacify children can actually have several adverse effects on the kids.

  • For instance, published medical literature have pointed out that excessive gadget use in a toddler can result to cognitive delays, attention deficits, and a lack of ability to self-regulate or discipline oneself. That can be problematic, especially when the children start attending early childhood education in New Jersey.

  • Second, too much gadgets can cause posture problems and obesity in children. They become sedentary, the same way adults do if they become too engrossed with their work and fail to put in some time for exercise. When you send your child to a day care center, however, you can be sure that there are plenty of opportunities for play time and exercise.

  • Finally, the radiation that mobile gadgets emit can have detrimental effects to a child’s health. The most immediate effect is felt in their eyes – your child may have problems early if they spend too much time on their mobile phones.

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