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The Benefits of After-School Programs for Preschoolers

Want to turn the aimless hours after-school into productive learning time for your little ones? At DiBiase Baby Steps, we recommend finding a high-quality after-school program for them. A day care center provides after-school programs that are designed to develop your children’s talent or skills. Here are some of the main benefits your little ones … Continue reading

Reasons Why Your Child Should Join Summer Camp

With summer fast approaching, you may be thinking of ways your toddler can continue learning at home. Aside from attending a daycare center, enrolling in summer camp is an excellent way children can continue learning and developing special interests. Summer camp provides your child with the opportunity to have a productive summer while developing skills … Continue reading

Reliable and Affordable Early Childhood Education

We know that early childhood education in New Jersey is essential for both the children and their families. This is why looking for a dependable and cost-effective child care programs is important to ensure quality learning. Reading and Writing Skills. This set of skills is primarily essential for a child to develop good cognitive skills. … Continue reading

Healthy Eating Tips for Children

Proper child care in Vineland, New Jersey takes more than just caring for a child’s physical needs. It also takes into account a child’s nutritional requirements. If you are caring for a child, here are some appropriate healthy eating tips to adopt for them: Eat Breakfast To start a child’s day, always make sure that … Continue reading

Toddler Safety Practices to Keep in Mind

As parents of toddlers, we know more than anyone else how much energy our kids have. Our time will mostly be spent chasing them around as they discover and continue to explore their own little world. Watching over our toddlers can be difficult as they are likely to venture into areas and try to get … Continue reading

Positive Parenting Tips for Infants

Infants give us countless moments of pure joy, from their very first step to the first time they call us “mom” and “dad”, to the first smile they direct our way. The things children can do at a specific age are called developmental milestones, and as parents, we live to experience these beautiful moments with … Continue reading