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Tips to Ensure Your Child’s Safety

Tips to Ensure Your Child's Safety

Countless children are harmed every day because their parents intentionally or unintentionally neglect them. Even when these children are under individualized child care in Vineland, New Jersey, some accidents may happen that will cause them harm.

Lower the chances of causing harm to a child by proactively ensuring their safety. Here are tips that may help you with that:

  • Make the child memorize important addresses and contact numbers.
    Make it a part of your child’s early childhood education in New Jersey to remember your phone number and home address. If they get lost, the authorities can easily find you. Older children should be able to memorize more than one address and contact numbers.
  • Educate them to not go with strangers.
    People with malicious intent will pose as good aunts and uncles in order to lure children to go with them. Be firm in telling your child to only go with mom and dad or with people you authorize.
  • Let them know that school is safe.
    Whether the child is in primary school or day care center, let the child know that the school is a safe sanctuary second only to home. Tell them that they should never leave the school premises before you arrive to pick them up.
  • Buy a whistle.
    Teach the child to blow the whistle when someone suspicious comes near them. This should alert nearby people that something is wrong.

Dibiase Baby Steps promotes child safety. Set an appointment with us, so we can discuss more on how we can ensure the safety of your child.

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