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How You Can Support Your Baby’s Learning Every Day

How You Can Support Your Baby’s Learning Every Day

To your baby, the world is a great place of discovery every passing day. They are learning new things about themselves, about mom and dad, and about their environment. This learning experience can be nurtured by the people around them, such as their parents and the providers of child care in Vineland, New Jersey.

As parents, you’re in for greater excitements ahead as you explore and discover with your growing baby. Here are significant ways you can support your baby’s learning progress day after day.

  • Communication

    The way babies communicate is through crying, coos, body movements, and how they make facial expressions. To nurture this, pay attention to the way they communicate and consider how they feel and what they think at that moment. You can also repeat their words, read or sing to them, and even talk about the things that you do together. When they have also been to a day care center, you can talk to them about their discoveries in the center.

  • Self-Control

    As your baby reaches the toddler years, you will observe the exertion of their self-control more often than usual. To nurture this, be careful with the words you use. Help them evaluate their feelings by identifying it for them. You can point out that they’re frustrated because you will not be going to the park anymore. It’s important that you give them choices so they can feel more confident with their decisions but at the same time, choose to stay calm when they become frustrated. Remember that your toddler takes their cue from you.

  • Thinking Skills

    Your child’s cognitive ability gets enhanced even more as they play around and explore their environment. To nurture this, supervise and encourage them to touch toys, shake things, or feel the flower. Use your bath times to learn about bubbles floating and exploding. Ask them questions that help them think, such as, why the dog is barking.

  • Self-Confidence

    Your child also needs to know that they are loved and accepted just as they are. This is a culture that we nurture as we provide early childhood education in New Jersey. We know you can also practice this at home especially as you appreciate their simple achievements. Support their sense of self-confidence by helping them to try something, such as putting on their socks. With your supervision and cheer, they can feel and see that problems will always have solutions and they will pursue these.

Growing and exploring with your baby is truly a rewarding experience. This is a fulfilling journey we always look out for at DiBiase Baby Steps. For this reason, we strive to support you, parents, in your quest towards getting quality childcare when you’re not around. Our compassionate care providers are well-trained to nurture your child’s learning experience so that when you’re with them, their learning journey continues to thrive.

Your child 3 years old and below is welcome to experience our quality child care services. Ask us for your inquiries.

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