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Let your toddlers experience fun in an exciting place where they have the freedom to explore their independence while being supported by caring teachers.

18months – 3years
woman helping children with their activityAt DiBiase Baby Steps our teachers know that your toddler needs the freedom to explore their independence while still being supported in their development. They will provide your toddler with plenty of love and support while teaching and encouraging them to explore their new and growing abilities. Through independent exploration, structured activities, and hands-on learning, children will work on social, language, physical, and cognitive skills. Our program fosters confidence by providing activities to help children become problem solvers and lifelong learners.

Our Teachers

The Teachers in our Toddler Rooms are carefully selected based on experience and their ability to provide loving, supportive, nurturing care to our children. All Teachers are trained in CPR, First Aid, Child Development, HighScope Curriculum and our infant/toddler policies and procedures. They also receive on-going training in Infant/Toddler development throughout the year.

Communication between you and your child’s Teachers is vital to you knowing your child is safe, loved, and cared for as well as to their success. Each day you will receive a daily report that provides you with a glimpse into your child’s day. This report includes information about your child’s meals, naps, and activities along with a special highlight from their day. We also encourage you to take time to talk with your child’s Teacher on the phone or in person at any time.

Daily Routine

We believe in the importance of structure in a toddlers life to help them feel safe and secure. With this in mind, we keep a consistent daily schedule and follow set routines while remaining flexible to meet the needs of the group. Our Toddler Classroom’s day has been carefully designed to balance quiet and active exploring opportunities in addition to Teacher directed and child initiated activities. The primary components of our Toddler Room’s daily routine include arrival/departure, large group, small group, choice time, and outdoor/indoor gross motor time. Additionally, the day includes care-giving routines such as naptimes, mealtimes, and other forms of bodily care (diapering, using the toilet, washing, and dressing.) For some toddlers, planning and recalling are also introduced as components of the day.