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Entrust your infants to reliable, compassionate caregivers in a safe, comfortable, and nurturing environment.

woman and a baby smilingAt DiBiase Baby Steps, we know that infancy is a precious time full of growth and development. Our specially designed infant care and toddler rooms are places where babies and toddlers feel safe, secure and happy. Rooms are divided into general interest areas that meet an infant’s need to move, explore, play and relax. Personal cribs, separate areas for changing and feeding, and our booties policy, which requires that all shoes be covered when entering an infant classroom, ensure clean playing, eating and sleeping spaces. Our program offers a separate classroom for our infants once they turn a year old and are stable walking to ensure a safer environment for our non-mobile infants to explore until they are also ready to move up!

Our Teachers
The Teachers in our infant room are carefully selected based on experience and their ability to provide loving, supportive, nurturing care to our youngest babies. All Teachers are trained in CPR, First Aid, Shaken Baby, SIDS, and our infant policies and procedures. They also receive on-going training in infant development throughout the year.

Communication between you and your infant’s Teachers is vital to you knowing your child is safe, loved, and cared for as well as to their success. Our Infant Room Teachers will provide you with a written report each day containing information about your child’s naps, meals, diaper changes, along with a special note about your child’s day. Our Infant Room Staff also prides itself in taking time to talk to you each day at drop-off and pick-up to discuss your child with you and address any questions, suggestions, and concerns you may have.

Daily Routine
Infants depend on consistency, so our infant room works with you to develop a schedule that closely mirrors the schedule you follow at home. Throughout the week, your infant will get opportunities to play and explore through a variety of planned activities and through self-exploration. Your infant will also get to play outside on our Infant/Toddler Playground and go for stroller rides around our property when the weather is nice. Once a child turns a year old and is stable walking, we start transitioning them into our toddler room schedule in gradual steps to help prepare them for this exciting move. When you pick-up your infant make sure to take the Daily Report to get all of the information about your infant’s day.